Hey, I’m Cindy and I started this blog as a love letter to my community, family and friends. 

A place to share my dreams, my hopes, the messy parts of life and the moments that make it all worth it. My goal is to inspire other dreamers as myself to grow into doers. To follow their dreams, and to chase after a life they’ve longed for. 

It took a long time for me to UNDERSTAND, that it’s NEVER too late to start again, or to chose a life that is different than the one we’ve come to know. 

The truth is, I’ve lived a long life in such a short time. Over time, I hope you’ll come to know me, and come on this journey with me.

For now, just know that I love my morning routine and cup of joe. The ocean calls to me, I prefer experiences over material things. Food is the way to my heart. I believe in doing the best with what we have, and chasing our wildest dreams.⁣

This open online love letter is for you, may it inspire you to live a creative life with intention, and may it encourage you to design the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

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