How to stay productive and organized (freebie printable or editable download)

I don’t know about you, but I am inspired to be more productive and organized in 2021. There is optimism in the air, that this year has the potential to be a good one. It doesn’t have to be the best one, only a good one, am I right? Keeping things organized will help me stay productive and on track. Ensuring that I at least have a decent year ahead of me. 
I am list maker by heart. I like being able to keep things visible and I especially like being able to check off items.
I whipped up a daily routines checklist in a weekly format. The checklist includes a morning, afternoon, and evening task list. Each section houses 7 tasks. 

The checklist is:
1. Printer friendly, it’s in a minimal design that your printer ink will thank you for. You can print it out, and add all your tasks, time frames, and weekly date(s) with all your fancy pens. 
2. It’s editable, as in, you can customize your tasks, week(s), and time frame and then print it out to your hearts desire. 
3. OR, if you are like me, you can download it and add it to your goodnotes app (my favorite) and keep a digital copy. I prefer it this way, because I added it to my digital planner, so it’s all in one convenient place. 
My daily routine checklist includes basic everyday things, and a few extras I’d like more of this year. For example, reading 20 minutes a night, and working out and so on. Fill in your checklist with whatever sets your heart on fire, and will help make your 2021 even better than 2020. 

I hope you enjoy it. I can’t wait to make more freebies for you this year!! Until next time…



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