Where does the time go?

I swear it feels like just yesterday, when she sat on the front sidewalk, playing with chalk, talking about all things kindergarten. She was ecstatic, she was becoming little miss independent. Growing up, being a big girl, and going to school, that was everything to her. Where has the time gone? 
As I’m gearing up to start the new school year, I can’t help but reminisce on this photograph. It’s my favorite of all time. Her contagious laugh, and her joy, it sets the bar high for me. It gives me hope and inspires me to all the amazing, positive things that lay ahead this school year. 
She’s gearing up to go into second grade, and although her excitement for going back to school has dwindled down, her curious nature remains strong. It’s a world full of possibilities, and as long as she never loses hope in life’s wondrous nature, neither will I. 
Wishing you an amazing, prosperous, and positive new school year. And for all my fellow educators out there, here’s a little giggle to get us back in the school spirit. 
Until next time…