Wellness | Drink up for your health.

Since we’ve been home under the “stay home” order, I’ve had extra time to really focus on my wellbeing. Not just my mental health, but my body too. I’m taking the time to check in with myself, by asking “what do you need right now?”

I decided to illustrate my top 4 drinks currently on rotation and their benefits for you to enjoy.

1. Golde Turmeric Tonic Blend | Matcha Golde:

  • It has Matcha, which is obviously a superfood, that is rich in antioxidants. It has turmeric, which is great for gut health, and helps support skin clarity, also helps with bloating! Plus coconut makes up the base, which houses good for you fats, that support gorgeous hair, skin and nail health. Best way to serve it is with oat milk, ice cubes, in a nice blender, or toss some into your morning smoothie.
  • 1 spoonful is literally a handful of greens! It has 6 ingredients including, wheatgrass (helps fight free radicals), barley grass (strengthens the immune system), moringa (anti-inflammatory), baobab (digestive health), spirulina (cell and tissue protection), and chlorella (helps remove toxins). Also, it tastes amazing with just some water. Side note: it’s also a great addition to your cooking. I add it my daughters spaghetti sauce, and she has no idea! 
  •  Its a natural, soothing and aromatic tea, that helps soothe the respiratory system with the combination of Licorice and Thyme. When you feel a headache coming on, or your allergies are at an all time high, this tea does the trick. 
  • This delicious morning drink has ingredients that are designed to reduce free radical effects of the sun, pollution, stress and more. Totally necessary in a time like this. It gives extra love by protecting against oxidative photo damage, which leads to signs of premature aging like dullness, unevenness, fine lines and loss of firmness. Did I mention how delicious it is? I actually mix my super greens mix into it with some water and drink it every morning! 
What are your go to drinks? Share with me your best wellness tips! If you try these out, let me know your thoughts! 
Until next time…

Life Lately Doodles

Hey, how are you? I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve logged on to chat, but it’s also been a busy and chaotic time.  I decided that in these difficult times, I would start keeping a life lately doodles journal. Nothing fancy, nothing big, just some quick doodles to document what I’ve been up too lately. I thought it would be a fun way to mix things up. Tell me, what have you been up too?!

1. As an art educator, we are switching over to “at home” learning. I’ve poured my heart and soul into my online lessons and I can’t wait to see what my kids create!

2. I’ve been taking a lot of breaks, because I need to be able to separate home life from work life, so going outside sitting on my sidewalk, or rocking on my rocking chair in the backyard has been my life saver.

3. Also, TEA, TEA, TEA. Being able to drink tea whenever I want has been heavenly. I think I need to make this part of my everyday when we get back to school, and back in the classroom.

4. I made a goal to read 25 books this year, and I’m almost at my goal thanks to Scribd. I’ve been multi-tasking listening to Audiobooks while emailing parents back and lesson planning!!

5. Not only am I a teacher but I’m also a parent, and my daughter has “at home” learning, which has proven to be quite the workload. So much pre-planning to do!

6. Also, whose watched Tiger King?! I hate to admit it but I’ve done my fair share of Netflix binging!

7. Can I just say my green thumb has been thriving? Now that I’m at home, I’ve been loving on my plants and they are growing and so so green!

Now it’s your turn, tell me how’s your life lately?!

Until next time,

An inexpensive alternative to inks

I’ve been spending the last few weeks participating with Creative Bug and their inktober class with Lisa Congdon. It’s been amazing getting to create drawings from nature, playing with shapes and different colors. During some of the sessions, I was running pretty low on a variety of ink colors, so I decided to try food coloring from the dollar store. Guess what? They worked so well!!

In fact, I created this entire mushroom, using food coloring, a white gel pen, and a black micron pen. I wasn’t sure at first how well it would work, but when I began to dilute the color with water, I began to really see the variety of shades. The only pitfall? It dries ridiculously fast, so make sure to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND quickly.

I definitely see myself using this method in my art room since inks can get expensive! I hope you try it out, let me know how it goes!!

Try Creative Bug today for only a $1!