You guys, after we left San Antonio, it took us another 4 hours to finally arrive in the Rio Grande Valley. My family resides in Weslaco and we only had a day in a half to indulge in our favorites before it was time to make our final stop in Austin. So here’s how the fun went down.

Friday Night we headed to Casa De Marisco (get a botana *boat-ana*, they are the best) to have dinner with my familia. This botana (for 4) fed all 9 of us AND there were left overs! It’s basically a platter of nachos, quesadillas, and 50/50 fajitas, with a side of tortillas. YUM.

2016-05-28 18.28.03

Saturday we grabbed Breakfast at Sunrise cafe (potato tacos are my favorite) and then picked up some Pan Dulce from Marines Bakery as a snack for our 45 min drive to  South Padre Island. You guys, pan dulce is the best. If I could have it everyday I would, but honestly we have yet to find anything remotely close to the way they make it down in the Valley. So when we go down, we stock up, because it really is a treat.


If you follow me on snapchat (cindygmoore), then you would have seen the gasps from my daughter as we crossed over the south padre island bridge. There is something magical about driving onto an island, it’s such a cool feeling to know that you are literally driving over an ocean.

2016-05-28 18.31.32-2


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2016-05-28 18.17.41 13335596_10153491260232443_374129382404255328_n 2016-05-28 14.44.15Photo Jun 29-2

We spent ALL day at the beach. Thank goodness we took sandwiches and yoo-hoos with us because being outside all day makes you want to snack away. Once we decided it was time for dinner, we decided to leave the beach and head back home because there is only one place I LOVE with all my heart for DINNER (basically for any meal of the day) and it’s NANAS Taqueria. The lonches (loan*cheese) … I have no words to describe them, they just make me want to cry. Cry the happiest tears in the world.

13322156_10153491260517443_267945036499963985_n-2 13346845_10153491260532443_5397672896952543131_n

You can imagine, after dinner, we slept like babies. It was a long, fun day of beach, food and family.

Sadly, Sunday morning rolled around. We spent the morning with my grandma and finally said our “See you laters” with lots of hugs and kisses. We hit the road for 5 hours for our next and final stop on our mini road trip. Stay tuned for Part III.

If you guys ever find yourselves in the Rio Grande Valley, even if it’s because of the beach, you should venture out and try some of our favorite spots. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Cheers to adventure!



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  2. Abigail August 6, 2016

    This was so neat to come across. I’m from Weslaco too and I still haven’t been to Nana’s! But I trust your judgement, Casa de Mariscos is so good! Nice road trip btw, Texas is really an awesome state 🙂

    • Cindy August 8, 2016

      Thanks so much Abigail! 🙂 You should try it out and then let me know how you liked it! 🙂 I agree, Texas is AWESOME.


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