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Austin City LimitsYou guys, it’s been almost TWO WHOLE WEEKS since I’ve posted! Where have I been? What have I’ve been up too? Let’s just put it this way, it’s been CRAZY NON STOP. October is always a crazy month in this household because it’s BIRTHDAY MONTH for my two loves. The Mr. and my mini me.

My amazing husband is turing 30, and I wanted to start the month with a bang, so what did I plan? A spontaneous mini trip to Austin for Austin City Limits. I knew we didn’t have all weekend, so I picked the Sunday day pass because our favorite artist, Chris Stapleton was playing that night!

It was hard to keep it a secret for so long. I booked the airbnb, bought the wristbands and packed us both up before we took off Sunday Morning.

You can imagine that he was super excited. I wanted to make the experience extra special, so guess where our first stop was?

Franklins Barbecue Line Franklin's Barbecue

Franklin’s Barbecue! The hubs has ALWAYS wanted to go, but we always miss the chance too.  Franklins is a very popular place and the wait line can get long and crazy, but the people we’ve talked too say the wait was totally worth it.  img_4383 img_4382

We arrived at 9 am and waited with some awesome people for 3 hours. There was even a pop up donut shop and they gave the people in line some yummy donuts. If you followed on snap chat (cindy_gmoore) , you got to see our goofiness. So what was our verdict?img_4150 img_4381 img_4163

WORTH THE WAIT! You guys, WOW. I have no words. We got a little bit of everything and it was AMAZING! The staff was super friendly and they just made the entire experience over the top. The smile on my husbands face was worth the ENTIRE wait. It was the perfect start to our 24 hour day in Austin.

Austin AirBnBWith our stuffed bellies, we arrived at our AirBnb and took a much needed break. We knew we had a good 2 mile walk to get to Zilker Park ahead of us.  We snuck in a Gourdoughs donut then we powered through the 2 mile walk. Austin has so many hilly roads!! When we arrived at Zilker park, we were hot and sweaty, we just wanted to head straight towards the Samsung stage to find a seat and get ready for Chris Stapleton.
Austin City Limits 2016

ACL Selfie Austin City Limits

It was our first legit music festival, and there were SO MANY PEOPLE. I kinda got upset a little because people were really rude, trying to squeeze into tiny spaces in front of us.  (My husbands face says it all.)ACL Music

You know, I kept thinking to myself to just let it go because we were still close enough to enjoy the show and you know what? Chris Stapleton was just the best, his performance made me forget about the rude people. He had his lovely wife on stage with him and oh my gosh, her voice is HEAVENLY. I totally cried a little. They were hands down my favorite part of the weekend!

Chris Stapleton

ACL Fest Selfie

Look at the smile on our faces! We knew we had some time before Mumford and Sons came on, so we hit up the ACL EATS and I tried out a vegan waffle which was delish. We stopped by and listened to HAIM and Young the giant, and watched the most beautiful sunset in the world. We took selfies at the ACL Fest sign before settling into a cozy spot to watch Mumford and Sons.

ACL EATS ACL vegan waffleACL SunsetACL FEST SIGNACL FESTACL Fest sign selfieACL Mumford and SonsACL Late night selfieAfter a while we laid on the grass and watched the stars while they blared “I will wait, I will wait for you…” It was the best night ever. You better believe that we slept like babies that night, dreaming wonderful dreams. Thank you ACL’s.

Goodbye ACL

Since we had a few hours to spare in the morning we decided to take our time and really enjoy the weather. Our AirBnb had the prettiest view of the greenbelt and it inspired us to be adventurous.Austin Barton Hills img_4317

We both decided to make it a well rounded trip, so we hit up the local Tacodeli right across the street from our AirBnB. The tacos were legit!! Crispiest bacon ever!


After the deliciousness of Tacodeli,  we headed over to Rowing dock to get in a quick canoe ride before we hit the highway home. Personally I’ve always wanted to do it and since we didn’t get a chance to do it on our last trip, we decided it was the perfect time.
Rowing Dock ATX

Rowing Dock Austin

Lady Bird LakeOn our way out of the city the hubs made a detour to south congress to pick up some last minute gifts for the mini me and some much needed caffeine. Do you know what else is on south congress? Home slice, the pizza that I would literally move to Austin for.  We grabbed a slice and officially called it a day.
img_4402SOCO bookstore SOCO shops SOCO shopsimg_4401img_4400Home Slice Pizza & BeerWith a full tummy and happy heart, we’re happy to report it was a much needed weekend getaway, and rest assured we’ll be back because AUSTIN, we LOVE you.

Cheers to new adventures. May the birthday month fully commence! Until next time.

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