The pursuit of happiness through a leap of faith.

Taking a leap of faith.

I believe, therefore I do. My logic is simple, really. But even so, taking a leap of faith is never an easy thing to do. You want something, you set goals for something and you work diligently hard to make it happen. Working, minute by minute, hour by hour until the days are gone and the moments wither away. You hold on to the hope that what you’re working for will pay off, but do we ever know? No, we don’t. But we believe and we hold on to the belief that they will. Sometimes that means taking chances and doing things that terrify us and shake us at our very core.

That’s me, right now, here in this moment. Taking a leap of faith and jumping into the great unknown. Sometimes we find ourselves in those moments, in different walks of life. Friends come and go, relationships blossom or fall apart, or we find ourselves in a new city with a new job. Those moments feel like we’ve just encountered a crossroad, and the very decision we make will influence the rest of our lives.  But we take a chance and we go for it, braving what we don’t know hoping we find what we do, and making the most of what we got along the way.

I’m at my crossroad but I’ve chosen my path. Even though I have no clue how it will go, I’m ready to embark on my new journey. I’m taking a leap of faith all for the pursuit of happiness.

So…to the dreamers, I hope you become doers. I hope you encounter your crossroad and that you find yourself  brave enough to believe in yourself.  And daring enough to take chances big or small. Your life is yours, so live it and live it well. 

Take a leap of faith and don’t look back.

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