Dallas Bacon and Beer Classic 2017

Bacon + Beer = happiness

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since the hubs and I hit up the Dallas Bacon and Beer Classic with our best buds. Truth be told, I had no idea what we were in for. Our friends called and told us to get tickets because you know beer AND bacon. Plus there was so much hype all over social media. We ended up snagging some tickets and when the day arrived we used Lyft to drive us into Dallas because you know, we don’t play around with drinking and driving.

I had always wanted to visit the Foundry so I was super stoked that the event took place there. The place was full of excitement and none of us knew what to expect. They ended up handing us these little red cups with a card inside. The front side of the card had 12 cups that the breweries were to mark out after they poured you a drink. On the backside of the card there was a list of bacon-infused foods that the caterers marked out when you picked up your yummies.

Oh, and did I mention that there were buffet styles lines for bacon, just pure, crispy bacon? They had so many flavors and all you had to do was get in line and they served you all the bacon in the world. SO GOOD!

The bacon-infused food was the bomb! My favorites were the vanilla, sesame, bacon sticks and cheese fries because duh, my husband gave me his! He’s the best!

And can we talk about the beer?  Oh my gosh… so many flavors but my favorite? Cherry cider! I think I filled up most of my card with this beer because you guys… cherry infused, need I say more?! They basically had a beer pavilion and it was heaven.

We spent the entire 2.5 hours of the event soaking up all the fun, making pretzel necklaces, playing human size jenga,  bobbing for bacon and getting matching tattoos because why not?

Worth the hype?

Absolutely! This is the start of a yearly tradition and I hope they come back next year. Heck Tequila and tacos sounds like a great combo too! Right?! Either way, the event was worth the price. (about $50 per person) So if you get a chance to attend next year or if the event is happening in your neck of the woods, do it!  Below are some fun tips I’ve put together for you to make sure your Bacon & Beer classic is super successful!

  1. Buy your tickets early! The will run out fast!
  2. Figure out where the venue is happening. Is it indoors? Outdoors? And make sure if you’re going to be drinking that you plan on having a lyft or uber or designated driver ahead of time. No drinking and driving please.
  3. Dress for the weather and especially dress for the event. Our event was outdoors and HOT! Most of us dressed down and I’m so glad I ended up going in flats because I kid you not, I saw multiple people fall from both being drunk and trying to walk in high-heels on mulch and rocks. You can still be cute without all the extras.
  4. Bring wipes with you. Seriously, bring them and I’m not talking like a tub of them, just bring a small .99 cent pack. Bacon grease is not fun, especially when it’s all over your fingers, so bring the wipes and then everyone wins.
  5. Sunscreen. This one pretty much explains itself. Especially if the event is outdoors.
  6. Optional extras: baseball cap, or your choice of hat and sunglasses to help keep the rays away.

Alright, that’s all I got! Cheers and here’s to next one!







Weaving Workshop for beginners with Rachel Denbow

Creative Vibes

Do you remember when I mentioned all the cool stuff that I had been doing on my last post and that I said I was looking forward to sharing with y’all? Well, this is one of them! Nikki Cade studio and her creative brunch series hosted a beginners workshop with none other than the weaving queen herself and mega loved author/blogger, Rachel Denbow. (insert applause)

Guys, I’m not sure if it was dumb luck or divine intervention how all this came to be. You see, originally I had checked out Rachel’s book Woven Art from work (cause you know I moonlight at the library.) Also, my students in 3rd through 5th were doing small weaving projects, so naturally I wanted to weave a grown-up project for myself.

Truth is when it comes to books, I always like to check them out first and then decide whether or not to purchase them. With this book, I immediately went over to amazon and ordered me a copy after flipping through the pages. Why? because it is extremely well written AND super easy to follow along. (Go buy it or check it out from your local library, seriously.)

OK,  back to my story. So… on the day I checked out the book, I was replying back to some friends on insta and I saw a post that Rachel would be in Dallas in March and I was like heck yeah… she’s in my neck of the woods! As I made it down the rabbit hole I ended up on superstar abstract artist Nikki Cade and her amazing Creative Bunch Series web page. Turns out Nikki was hosting a weaving class with Rachel and I was like, yes sign me up! Of course, I snagged up a seat for the class and waited patiently for the big day.

The big day

Y’all, I ended up secretly buying a ticket for my mother and bringing her along and I kid you not, she was not feeling it until… we got there and the party started. Also, I have to share that right when we pulled up my brand new iPhone died! So what did I end up doing? I stole my mom’s oldie but goodie phone to snap some blurry pics, because proof guys, proof.

The set up was amazing. Nikki provided brunch treats and we got to mingle with guests and Rachel herself and can I tell you a secret? She is the nicest and sweetest person ever. I kid you not, she is the real deal. Most of us in the class were big fans because we followed her blog and her weaving journey. I was honestly afraid of meeting her because you know sometimes people don’t turn out to be like you expect them too, but man she was just awesome. We ended up getting a bunch of goodies from her, including an awesome tote that she dyed herself with avocados. Come on, she’s fierce! I was most excited about being introduced to an awesome brand called Sonora handmade. I can say, her products are gorgeous and the ultimate for weaving.

In fact, during the class, we learned so much like how to set up a loom, basic weaving, and Rya knots! It was awesome. Incidentally, I totally messed up half way but it was a fun learning experience. I ended up fixing my masterpiece when I got home. As for my mom she ended up really getting into the class and by the end, she was like can we stop on the way home to buy some more yarn? Mothers (you gotta love them).

The final verdict

Let’s face it, I’m am embroider at heart. While weaving is a part of the fiber arts family, it was really outside of my comfort zone. It was such a great experience and honestly getting to meet Rachel was worth the price. I had the best time.

If you guys get a chance to go to one of her workshops, do it!! You won’t regret it. Go, check out the book, pick up a loom and get to weaving. Most of all, I have a feeling you guys are going to love it as much as I do. As for my finished project, Voilà.

It’s just the start of many more to come! I hope I inspired you guys to jump outside your comfort zone and do something you’ve been wanting to try!! Go for it, you can do it!






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