Fleeting Moment

Dear Diary,

She woke up and curled into my chest. “Mom, wake up, it’s not night time anymore.” I squeezed her in close and kissed her cheek and said, “Good morning beautiful.” She giggled, and between hugs and kisses, we bounced up ready to conquer the day. After all, we had a serious play date with playdoh and barbie.

The house came alive, and we were all awake, breakfast was made and served, coffee was drank and orange juice was enjoyed out of a princess Sophia’s big girl cup. Our morning was perfect.

As we let our imaginations run wild, making a beautiful mess of the toy box, she looked up and in that second I knew that it was nap time. Her normal routine of walking to her bedroom, climbing up her step stool and cuddling up with her pink stuffed yeti was sure to follow, but instead, she walked over to me and said “mommy, will you rock me?”

An overwhelming emotion came over me and tears began to swell in my eyes. I immediately scooped her up and rocked her. She hardly could fit in my arms, and in that moment I let the tears roll down my face. As her eyes began to close, I could feel her snuggling deeper into me. I didn’t want to put her down. I was reminded in that moment, that life is but a fleeting moment. It feels like only yesterday I held her for the very first time, and now I live for the moments that she lets me hold her.

Today was my last day of vacation, and it was the best 2 weeks off I’ve ever had. No lavish vacations, no crazy adventures, just one on one time with the love of my life, my little girl. I cannot begin to explain how motherhood has changed me, but I hope that with time, I can collect my thoughts and my memories so that I can always look back on these precious moments.

Today was a good day, no… today was a great day.

keep on keeping on…

Dear Diary,

I learned something very important today… in life you have to take chances. Small ones, big ones, all kinds of chances. You cannot, I repeat, cannot let anything stop you from believing in yourself and in your dreams.
I’m currently reading “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler (major girl crush alert) and I can’t help but be inspired by her humor, wit and wisdom shared throughout the pages.
She reminds me that life gets messy, but if we rejoice in the mess, we can find happiness amongst the chaos. Life happens, and it happens fast, but that should never get in the way of doing what our heart desires.
Thank you Amy, for being such an inspiration and for reminding me that we should keep on keeping on. I’m with you sister.
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