B-day Weekend in Denver, Colorado | Day 3 & 4

Denver, Colorado

Denver has the best fall.

Fall was in full swing in Denver, Colorado during our visit. The weather was not only PERFECT but the trees, those beautiful, colorful and vibrant leaves! It was everything. After our amazing trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, we decided to take it easy and take in some fun outdoor Denver sights. First stop? Breakfast of course, because breakfast is ALWAYS a good idea.

Denver Biscuit CompanyThere was no question on where we were going. Denver Biscuit Company was hands down a must have for both of us and we couldn’t wait to try it out. People rave about the biscuits and the amazing combinations of flavors so of course, we had to see for ourselves what all the fuss was about. We ordered the two most popular flavors The Dahlia and The Franklin.

Denver biscuit Company Denver, Co Denver biscuit Company Denver, CoDo yourself a favor and get the Dahlia with the french toast next time you visit, because you guys, it was freaking AMAZING!! My husband was all about the Franklin, he couldn’t get enough. SO MUCH FOOD. We figured we needed to walk off all that delicious food, so my husband surprised me and picked out the Denver Botanic Gardens. Off we went!

Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Botanic GardensIn a way, I shouldn’t have been so surprised he picked the gardens. My husband has the world’s greatest green thumb. He was oohing the entire time. I don’t blame him, it was the perfect backdrop to a vibrant fall.

Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Botanic GardensAfter the gardens, we decided on a quick wardrobe change since the weather was heating up! We even snuck in a nap. After a nice long break, we decided to find a place with awesome sandwiches for lunch. Thank goodness for yelp! We found the mecca of sandwiches! Aiko pops!!

Aiko Pops Denver, ColoradoFirst of all, this place is legit. It’s the freaking cutest place I’ve ever seen!! The art, the service. Magnifique. We started chatting with this awesome guy named Christopher and he turned out to be the owner of Aiko Pops, and he was the NICEST GUY ON THE PLANET. He talked me into trying their brussel sprout slaw, and when I did, I knew right then and there he was a bonafide master chef genius. I mean, he made brussel sprouts taste like candy and magic… like magical candy. We grabbed some specialty aikowiches from their menu, and they were the best dang sandwiches we’ve ever had.

Aiko Pops Denver, Colorado Aiko Pops Denver, Colorado Aiko Pops Denver, ColoradoAnd you know, that I don’t ever say no to popsicles. If you are planning on visiting Denver, this is a MUST. Try the bird aikowhich and their strawberry lemonade popsicle. It is to lust for. Aiko Pops Denver, Colorado

We ended up walking up and down pearl street, there were lots of cool restaurants and pubs. My phone ended up dying and that was pretty much the end of the picture taking fun for me. (with the exception of a few final snaps)

Denver, Colorado Washington Park Denver, Colorado Pub on Pearl Denver, Co

We spent the rest of the day exploring book stores, and then hanging out at Washington Park under a big tree while the leaves fell around us, that was my favorite moment. Before it got too late we grabbed one final drink at the Pub on Pearl and then officially called it a night.

Final Day.

Our amazing weekend sadly had to come an end. We had a few final hours before we had to catch the train back to the airport. So how did we spend it? With another amazing breakfast, this time at Jelly Cafe.



Jelly Cafe Denver, CoIt’s the cutest place ever! They had cereal boxes all over their walls it was darling! They’re known for their donut holes. So naturally we had to order some. You get to mix and match the flavors and yes, yes, yes. SO SO GOOD.

Jelly Cafe Denver, Co Jelly Cafe Denver, Co Jelly Cafe Denver, Co Jelly Cafe Denver, Co Jelly Cafe Denver, Co

The breakfast was legit! I commend us for choosing 3 amazing Denver only breakfast places! The staff was awesome, I swear Denver has the nicest people. After we stuffed ourselves silly, we decided to take a walk and make some time getting to the train station. On the way there, we came across the Colorado History Museum and decided to pop in.

History Colorado Denver, Co History Colorado Denver, Co History Colorado Denver, CoIf you guys followed on snapchat (cindygmoore) then you got to take a peak at the funniest exhibit called Awkward Family Photos. It had my hubs and I laughing our butts off. We learned so much about Denver and honestly we just fell in love with the city and the experience. We couldn’t think of a better way to play tribute to Denver than with some delicious icecream, so our final stop? Little Man Ice Cream.

One last stop.

Little Man Icecream DenverWe ordered the hot chocolate ice cream which I know sounds crazy, but it was unbelieveable. My husband couldn’t get over the marshmellows, he kept saying how they tasted just like the ones in hot chocolate. Honestly, it was just delicious and I wanted more. Little Man Icecream Denver

Sadly our trip had to come to an end. We headed over to Union Station to catch the train, while we waited we made a pit stop at the Coors Field, but sadly it was closed. It made for a cool sporty backdrop. Oh Denver, you’re so wonderful.
Coors Field Denver, Co Coors Field Denver, Co

Au Revoir Denver.

You were amazing. Thank you for such an amazing 30th birthday. Until we see you again…


With Love, Cindy Logo



P.S. In case you need a recap, visit Day 1 and Day 2



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