Updates and Lots of Holiday Cheer!

Tis the Season


It’s officially December 1st. I can’t tell you how excited I am for various reasons. For starters, the end of the fall semester. (can I get an AMEN!) Which then leads to Christmas vacation. (Holla!) And finally, all things Christmas! You know, lights, gift giving, friends, family and most importantly JESUS (or whomever, or whatever you chose to believe).

I was telling my very amazing spouse last night as we hung up the decor, that I really wanted this Christmas to be “special” not because it hasn’t been in the past, but because we’ve never really been a part of all the festivities. We usually blink and boom Christmas is over. Well, not this year. There’s too much to celebrate and there are so many milestones happening that it just makes sense to jump full force into the season.


Since I want to go big this Christmas and really get into the holiday spirit, I’ve decided to blog about our adventures. To do that, I’m going to blog every day for the next 25 days. Hey listen, I get if you’re not into the whole holiday spirit thing, but maybe you’ll find some joy or cheer in the next few weeks as you follow along. I’ve got gift guides going up and some fun Christmas adventures we’ll be going on that I seriously can’t wait to share (and experience).

So let’s jump into Day one, shall we?

Secret Santa

Today in our art ed class, we hosted a secret Santa and can I just say, my friends are literally the freaking BEST. We ate pizza and various snacks, laughed until our tummies heart, jammed out to Christmas jingles and finally, we exchanged gifts!

gift exchange gift exchange gift exchange

The gift giving was in full force. Being in a room with a creative bunch is both inspiring and exciting. We love each other so very much and (as tears are forming in my eyes) I’m going to miss them when this adventure called college is over. Some of them are leaving after this semester (since we’re in a cohort) and it’s our last Christmas before they leave the nest and become the best dang Art Teachers in the world (I’m talking to you TESS).

gift exchange gift exchange gift exchange gift exchange gift exchange gift exchange gift exchange gift exchange gift exchange gift exchange gift exchange If you get offered to be a part of a gift exchange, please do it. It’s so amazing to give with all your heart. Hey, and if money is an issue, you can totally make something. It’s rewarding to see how much hard work goes into something and to see the smile on someone’s face when you give it to them. Cookies, candles, embroidery, you name it. (be on the lookout for a homemade goodies post)

Tomorrow I’m bringing to you ways to host an exchange and I hope ours today inspired you! Bring on the magic and may your holiday spirit reign!

With Love, Cindy Logo P.S. Also, did any of you notice the new logo? Yeah, lots of awesome changes are happening around here.

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