4-Day Weekend Roadtrip: Part III (The End)


Dear Austin, I truly, honestly love you. You changed my life and my taste buds forever!

You guys, I have a confession, I have never explored Austin! I have always driven through Austin but I’ve never had the chance to enjoy the city and all it’s greatness. When we decided to make Austin our last stop, it just made sense. It’s the perfect half way point to Dallas from the Rio Grande Valley and I thought it was just time to make Austin happen for me.

We turned to our beloved AirBnB and booked the coolest loft in downtown on 4th street close to the State Capital. We arrived in Austin pretty late, because we ended up having a minor snafu on the road.  Once we settled into the loft, we decided to venture out on foot to find some grub. We decided to walk over to Hoboken pizza, it had pretty great reviews online and I agree, it was pretty tasty.

2016-05-30 17.10.58 2016-05-30 17.11.50

We ended up walking off the pizza and strolling the streets until it was time to head back to the loft and call it a night. Once the morning arrived we knew we had the best day waiting for us. Here’s how the fun went down.

2016-05-30 17.13.03

Our little one was rocking the Austin vibes and was ready for breakfast at Bacon. It was AMAZING! Gosh, the best dang chicken and waffles I’VE EVER HAD. We asked for them to put their delicious bacon into our waffles and it just made the whole thing over the top. It was perfection.

2016-05-30 11.46.10 2016-05-30 17.13.54 2016-05-30 17.14.50 2016-05-30 17.15.35

Right across the street is the Hope Outdoor Gallery and you guys, I need to confess, I could live there. I honestly could. Me in a tent and the beautiful park, we would be happy forever. This place is magical. Please go there when you’re in Austin.

2016-05-30 17.17.04 2016-05-30 12.47.16 2016-05-30 17.19.17 2016-05-30 17.21.46 2016-05-30 19.09.58 2016-05-30 20.22.57 2016-05-30 20.24.23

2016-05-30 20.52.31

After hanging out at Hope Outdoor Gallery  we decided it was time for dessert and there was only one thing that could really satisfy my cravings, donuts! I checked out all sorts of reviews online for this trip, and we decided that Gordoughs was one of those places we couldn’t miss.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.

2016-05-30 17.29.05

2016-05-30 19.10.55

2016-05-30 13.36.59

After we indulged in the sugary, nutella, strawberry goodness we finally made our way over to the Texas Capital. Ella belle was SO excited. She saw the “big” building when we first arrived and asked us to take her. Finally, here was her chance to see it up close and personal.

2016-05-30 17.29.48

2016-05-30 14.07.16 2016-05-30 19.13.18 2016-05-30 19.17.10 2016-05-30 19.18.32

You guys, the Texas State Capital is breathtaking. I want to come back and take a tour, we just didn’t have enough time. We knew our next stop was going to be The Thinkery, Austin’s children museum. On our way there, we saw juiceland and decided it was a great time for a refreshment!

2016-05-30 19.28.48 2016-05-30 19.29.34

2016-05-30 19.28.13

And then guess what? We found this gem of a mural! We had to get a picture! DREAM COME TRUE.

2016-05-30 19.20.49 2016-05-30 19.57.45

Finally we made it the the Thinkery and Ella had a ball! The staff was AWESOME, and even we had fun. I couldn’t stop playing around with all their cool science/art activities. If you follow us on snapchat (cindygmoore) , you probably got to see all the really cool features they had!

2016-05-30 20.26.00 2016-05-30 20.24.47

2016-07-01 12.21.47 2016-07-01 12.22.30

Can I tell you that we stayed til closing! It was so much fun! Of course you can imagine we were starving at this point and we decided to try some hot spots back on South Congress. The hubs picked a lunch spot, and off to Hopdoddy’s we went. He gained so many brownie points, because this burger was on point! Holy smokes. Delish. (we found out they have one in Dallas, woohoo for us)

2016-05-30 19.39.31

We actually got to enjoy the meal  solo, because our little one was passed out on the booth next to her daddy, so when she awoke, her hunger was something fierce. By then we had already made it down a few blocks, looking around and we found Home Slice. So… naturally daddy to the rescue. He grabbed her a slice, we found a picnic table and had ourselves pizza a la mode. THIS IS HANDS DOWNS THE BEST PIZZA, I’VE EVER TASTED. (Yes I stole multiple bites of pizza) I would seriously move to Austin just for this pizza. AYE!! My eyes are tearing up just thinking about it.

2016-05-30 19.51.54

You know the best way to wash down pizza is with cupcakes, and guess what? HEY CUPCAKES was right next door to our picnic table. Since we couldn’t decide on one flavor, we decided to get her sample pack. SWEETNESS!

2016-05-30 19.43.12 2016-05-30 19.46.25 2016-05-30 19.50.18You guys, this is where our story comes to a very sad end. It was time for us to go home. We sadly walked back to the car, dramatically looked over our shoulders and let out a sigh. Austin, this is NOT the end. WE WILL BE BACK. Thank you, for being amazing to us. We miss you already. Until next time. We can’t wait to run back to you.

2016-05-30 17.06.08

Moral of the story? Go to Austin! Have fun this summer, go on roadtrips, explore and make the best memories ever.


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