24 hours in Shreveport


Life has been crazy busy y’all (with an extra twang in there) because it really has. The good, fun kind of busy. My weeks have been filled with making pretty things, designing pretty things and finally volunteering with pretty amazing charities. This past weekend, one of my besties invited me to drive with her to Shreveport to visit her family for the very first time.

You should all know that I NEVER turn down a weekend that involves travel, because I LOVE exploring. Shreveport is only about a 3 hour drive from where we reside, and we decided to just spend 24 hours in the city, but get this…WITH NO GAMBLING. (GASP!)

First stop was at the Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets. Lots of great shopping and a really cool view of the red river. Side note, DONT EVER EAT AT Cheesecake Bistro (located at the boardwalk), it was AWFUL. It was hot inside, the food took forever, and literally the whole table had a few bites before we just couldn’t do it anymore and the prices were insane. You’re better off going to eat at a fast food restaurant, yeah, it was that bad.  Just keeping it real.


The backdrop made for some pretty cool snap chat pics.



After getting to hang out with my bestie’s lovely family (they were so awesome) we drove around town looking for snow cones to cool off, because it was HOT.



Of course, I had a few places on my to go list before we even got into town. One of those places was Rhino Coffee. I had their most popular drink the Iced Lightening and it was EPIC! I had enough caffeine in me to keep going another few hours.



We made a quick pit stop at our AirBnb and fell in love with the space. (more on that later) We dropped off our bags, touched up our face and headed out for dinner. The barista at Rhino Coffee told us to go to Blind Tiger for dinner, so we took his recommendation to heart. Off we went. It was pretty busy, but we were sat rather quickly, and our waitress was just awesome.

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There was so many options to chose from, but we went with a variety to share. Fried shrimp, burgers and cheese wedges.
13781890_10153587211132443_175738269097165284_n 13781963_10153587211267443_2679174177571402032_n (1) 13669799_10153587211177443_7800795065513186764_n 13729011_10153587211392443_9124848320841546131_n

I asked the waitress to bring me the best drink they had and she delivered. I had THE BLIND TIGER. One word, YUM.


After dinner we roamed down the red river district, and the place was lit up with a festive ambience.


After a nice little walk around the district, we headed back to our AirBnb and crashed. Our AirBnb is one of my favorite parts of our trip.

We got to stay in the historic part of Shreveport in such a beautiful house that belongs to both artist and art lover. This was the first time I booked a private room, and we got to meet some of the coolest “roomates.” All of us spent the entire morning drinking coffee, swapping stories, checking out the art and basically becoming life long friends. It was such an amazing experience. Look at this space:

13709875_10153588815092443_6580685698982083287_n 13654229_10153588815127443_3021617892772274100_n 13697302_10153588815132443_2466032490836562372_n 13690578_10153588815202443_8311253770187525286_n 13718684_10153588815257443_2016452378742091802_n 13775970_10153588815307443_1942454018956877370_n 13697039_10153588815797443_632598346050211787_nIt was magical. As we checked out, our host recommended a great breakfast place and so off to George’s Grill we went. The staff was awesome, and their biscuits and gravy were a hit with my taste buds!

13710048_10153588815902443_7988912731524077064_n We had already decided to stop at Strauns for some pie before we left, and since it was down the street from George’s Grill, we walked on over. We met the gang for one last hoorah before we headed back to Texas.

The Pie Mural was adorable! The peach pie was pretty darn tasty, their whip cream was the best.
13729176_10153588816127443_6568441394642760709_n 13731616_10153588816072443_3722464592055018221_n 13769362_10153588816152443_5636445235291239036_n

Shreveport, you were awesome. Getting to meet some pretty amazing people was like the whip cream on top of my peach pie, perfection. I honestly had a great 24 hours in Shreveport, and if you’re ever in town and don’t want to gamble, try some of the spots we went too, and enjoy your quick stay. Until the next adventure…






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