Good Morning Denton Square

morningYou guys, the semester has started in full swing! My days are LONG but being with my friends and exploring Denton in the mornings makes things less stressful and extra fun. The square is about 2 blocks from the art building and always makes for a perfect spot to take a break and enjoy life.

Mornings on the square aren’t complete without a good old fashioned breakfast over at Cartwright’s Ranch House. Chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, and sweet tea. YES PLEASE. 2016-09-15-08-45-01



2016-09-15-10-06-01 2016-09-15-08-45-49Followed by a caffeine fix at Jupiter House. Then a run over to the Recycled books store to get lost in the aisles. You never know when you’re going to find some gems! 2016-09-15-09-48-42

2016-09-15-10-03-08Sometimes you need those mornings, where things aren’t on a timed schedule so you can just enjoy the moments. I wouldn’t be able to keep my sanity without the mini breaks throughout the semester and my friends who make everything worth while.

How do you spend your mornings? Until next time…




Taking Chances


Henri Matisse once brilliantly stated that creativity takes courage. Creativity, is the use of our imagination or our original ideas, and for some reason, most of us are afraid to showcase that to the world. We care too much about what people are going to say or think. As if somehow peoples opinions are going to make or break us. We become so afraid to show our true selves to the world that we miss out on taking chances.

A few weeks ago, an amazing opportunity presented itself to me and on my 30 before 30 list, I specifically stated that I was going to take a chance and apply for the job of my dreams. Guess what? I did. I allowed my imagination to run wild, and I dreamed big. I encouraged my original ideas to manifest themselves and threw myself at the possibility of living a creative life in the field that I love.

I took a chance and it paid off. I have a new adventure to look forward too and I can’t wait for the journey to start.

I encourage you to tap into your creativity, and let it shine, let the whole world know what you are made of. The world needs your courage and the world needs your light. Cheers to the dreamers who are not afraid to take a chance, you got this.







Weekend Life

bishopartsThis picture pretty much sums up my Saturday, zero cares in the world and nothing but popsicles and macarons on the mind.  The family and I were suppose to make a last minute trip to Kemah (the Texas boardwalk) but plans didn’t work out. SO… instead we opted to do a little exploring.

I had mentioned on my 30 before 30 list that I wanted to try new places locally that I’ve never been to before and Joy Macarons was on the list. Joy Macarons is located in the Bishop Arts District and that’s also another place I’ve always wanted to go, so we decided, WHY NOT?Dallas


On the way there we drove by some pretty amazing murals and you know that I have a soft spot for street art. We parked the car and did some mural hunting. The DALLAS mural is in the corner of Sylvan Ave and Fort Worth Ave. ali

A few blocks away we saw some AMAZING mural portraits of Muhammad Ali and of course my fave, Selena all done by Ponchaveli Studios. Located on Commerce St. right before you hit the DALLAS mural.selena

Aren’t these amazing!? I wish I could paint the outside of my home like this! We even got to meet Poncahveli himself, and of course I totally geeked out. It was a major highlight!skyline

Next up was Joy Macarons and I was so excited to get to try macarons for the first time and see what all the hype was about. We arrived at the Bishop Arts District and parked behind the row of shops off of Davis. Super easy, and the thing that I LOVED, was that most of the stores had a backdoor entrance. IMG_3585-2macarons

First off, OH MY GOSH, the Joy Macarons store is beautiful! The design behind it is everything. Definitely one of my favorites in graphic design, period.

Now can we talk about the selection?!?! Holy smokes. So many flavors, so many beautiful colors. Perfection. pickone

Of course we opted for a box of 12. Ella picked by color (not flavor) and I think she did a pretty exceptional job. They were all delish (although Salted Caramel is probably my fave!) joy

Next up, we decided to stop at Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters. We heard they had babyccinos and we knew Ella had to try one!
coffeeIMG_3623-2 IMG_3616This place was super rad! They roast their own coffee and the atmosphere is chill. We spent a good hour just enjoying ourselves and talking. Ella even scored a buttered muffin with their homemade grape jelly. Which by the way, was one of the best I’ve ever had (yeah, I totally snuck a bite) it had real grape chunks. YUM!IMG_3624 IMG_3596 IMG_3609-2

I even got to snap a picture of my stud muffin. Seriously, my husband is handsome AF. We had such a great time goofing off. It was much needed family time.IMG_3582-2

Afterwards we decided to walk down the streets while we waited for Encanto pops to open up. We ended up walking towards the back of Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters and we found the coolest sit in bus to enjoy your lattes and coffees!


I mean seriously, how cool!? The hot summer sun definitely got us in the mood to enjoy our next stop an Encanto Pops! IMG_3603 IMG_3601IMG_3592 IMG_3593-2

Both Ella and I decided to try the strawberries and cream pop and it was both refreshing and tasty. It just melted in your mouth with big chunks of strawberries. Yum! IMG_3607-2

This is the part we sadly had to say goodbye because we didn’t have a enough time in the day to fully explore what the Bishop Arts District had to offer. Rest assured, we will be back! It was definitely a great way to spend a morning/afternoon with the family. We hope you visit and try some of the spots we did! Until next time…








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