Swimming in a sea of doubt.


I’m up too late. My head is fogged up with so many ideas running wild in there. My heart is heavy. Self-doubt has risen it’s ugly head and has begun to reflect itself in every given mirror. I feel like I’m swimming in the deep sea with no direction in mind. Paddling, struggling to figure out in which direction to go, thrashing around wondering which direction will lead me home.

Maybe I’m being a bit overdramatic, but I mean come on, when life gets tough, it gets TOUGH. There is no real way of sugar coating that. I wish I could say that everything was totally 100% fine, but my gosh, that would be lyingggg and I don’t like to lie. In fact, I like to be brutally honest, in a very sweet way.

What’s with the mega self-doubt?

I’ll tell ya. EVERYTHING. Everything that I’m currently working on. Which is not a lot, and there right there lies the problem. 2017 is about to be crushing goals and making things happen. You know what I’ve been good at? Telling myself I’m going to do this and that and be awesome at it, but that’s it. I’ve just been talking the talk but not walking the walk because I’m scared. I feel utterly lost in a sea of so many amazing people out there doing their thing, holding on to their niche for dear life and thriving! I’m scared I’m going to fail before I even try.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the commotion of thinking you have to be like everyone else when all you really got to do is be yourself, right? But how? How do we let go of our insecurities and expectations and just thrive in our skin as we are?

We inhale courage and exhale fear.

I heard this the other day and it really resonated with me. In fact, it’s been sitting right there at the tip of my tongue all week. It’s made me realize that we just have to believe that all things have a purpose, that our ideas are just as valuable as our neighbors. We have to believe in our strengths and work on our weakness with love and patience, and we have to learn to truly love ourselves just as we are, freckles, gray hair and all (I’m mostly talking about myself here, but whatever you see as a flaw, I promise makes you gorgeous). We need to encourage ourselves as well as those around us, because, at the end of the day, love wins in everything we do. Our kindness is infectious and karma my friends is real.

So here I am admitting to you all that I’m scared. Like scared of real life. Scared of failing, scared of never reaching my fullest potential. BUT I am ready to let it all go right here, with no 1-2-3 takebacks.

Ready, inhale… exhale. (dang I really do feel better)

Here’s to a new day of inhaling courage and exhaling fear because this girl right here (or you, if you want) is not holding back anymore. Here’s to facing fear straight on and winning at life.



P.S. You are awesome and if you ever feel lost at sea, I got your back, I’ll come rescue you because we’re all in this together.



Land your dream job with the ultimate Resume Checklist

Hey, do you know what 2017 is about? It’s about crushing your goals and manifesting the things you want! Especially in your career! So today I’m bringing you the ultimate Resume Checklist, for you to download and enjoy. It will help you create and knock out a killer resume that will get you where you want to be!

I know that some of you are going to be like, “what experience do you have to give us this advice?” Listen, I’ve been working for 15 years. 15 years! That’s almost half of my life!  I’ve had some amazing job opportunities come my way and I’ve been thoroughly successful doing the things I love, from landing dream internships (paid) to working with some amazing dream companies in my field! I’ve even had to turn down some offers, that’s when you know you’re doing something right!

But hey, this advice didn’t just manifest itself overnight. A lot of these tips and tricks came from past mentors. These are actual legitimate things employers are looking for, I know because they told me. I’ve done the research and now I’m sharing with you the things that are going to make you and your resume successful. Even I, myself have looked for these things when I was in a supervisor position, hoping to hire the next big thing.

I’ve kept the list simple but thorough. I hope you enjoy it, and if you have ANY questions, reach out to me, because we’re all in this together OK?

Wishing you the best!!!

Download Checklist. 




Looking back: An homage to 2016 (PART 2)

The Last 6 Months

I don’t mean to sound biased, but I’m pretty sure the last 6 months were some of the most fun and exciting months I’ve ever had. I mean we’re talking travel lust, holiday celebrations, personal accomplishments and career highs! Let’s jump into what the last 6 months had in store for me!

July 2016

In July, I had the opportunity to visit Shreveport, Louisana with one of my besties to meet her sisters! I shared the ultimate 24 hours in Shreveport, LA but get this, with NO GAMBLING. We had the best time. The food, the company and the atmosphere were fantastic!

I also shared how I was celebrating my summer with the Birthday Party Project, and I showcased some fun projects I was working on, like my embroidery hoops. Not to mention 4th of July!!! So many fireworks, so much fun! Summer was officially in full swing! Did I mention it was also the month I tried Seafood for the very first time?! True Story. Dani Rae’s in Denton is awesome for Seafood!

August 2016

August arrived and it was the start of my senior year at TWU and although it came too soon, I shared some of my musts haves for the new semester.  And things got real on the blog. It was around the time I shared my keeping it real post and why adulting is pretty awesome.

I opened up the blog to my vulnerability and declared that this place would be about finding my niche, and only sharing things I love instead of trying to be someone I’m not. It was also the beginning of the infamous 30 before 30 list. Which full disclosure, has been a lot of fun but I’m fully aware that some may not be as realistic as I had originally thought. Just keeping it real.

August was also the month I incorporated the WEEKEND LIFE posts which are fun to share because it’s all about the behind the scenes, and memories in between.

September 2016

In September, the hubs and  I fully declared that we would be more adventurous and that we would start to explore more places locally. So it was the first time we visited Bishops Art in Dallas with our sweet little Ella. We hit up so many places, Joy Macarons being one of the top picks that day! SO DELICIOUS!

In September I also took a leap of faith and got an internship I had my heart set on. I shared all about taking chances and going after what you want!

In September, things got real with school, and I shared some of the fun ways I destress with friends and spend my mornings up in Denton, TX. Like how breakfast at Cartwright’s Ranch House and browsing books at the Recycled Book Store is a must!

I also got to showcase one of my most prized embroidery pieces in September, my Friday Kahlo in the red dress. I’ve received so many messages about this piece, and although it’s still not for sale, I do plan on making some more in the future that will be. But thank you for all your love and support with my art!

By the end of September Weekend Life was taking off, and people started to share with me, the fun things they did over the weekends. Some of my favorite Weekend life photos of mine was one of the western days in Lewisville because corny dogs are my fave, and obviously pizza from Pizza Snob off of the Square in Denton, because yum! Seriously, go there now!

October 2016

October, oh October, how we love you and hate you (in a totally non violent way) because October, you are by far the busiest month for us EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

Ok, I’m pretty sure that yesterday I claimed that our mini road trip in May was one of my favorites, but you guys, October was the mecca of trips! It was hands down the very best for both my husband and I. In October we got to spend a lot of alone time together to celebrate his 30th birthday and it was so amazing to be able to shower him with gifts! First Gift? A weekend in Austin to see Chris Stapleton at the ACLS! Check out our ACL recap, because it was phenonmenal!

October is also pumpkin patch season because FALL y’all! So off to Halls Pumpkin Patch we went, in DFW, it’s the BEST pumpkin patch ever.  We really wanted to have fun with our little one before we ventured out on our next trip!

Now comes my ultimate favorite part, Denver, Colorado! I surprised my husband during his actual birthday weekend with a trip to Denver and to vist the RMNP! Check out the recaps, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & 4!

When I mentioned that October was busy, it truly was. Once we got back from the ultimate Bday weekend, it was time to celebrate our little one’s birthday! What better way than with a Halloween Spookatcular Bash?!

Ella was obviously a ghostbuster because she can watch that movie on repeat with me, it’s the best (Kate and Melissa for life!). Girls rule and she knows it! It was a great way to wrap up the ever busy month! What a blast!

November 2016

November was one of the most inspirational months for me! Career wise it was uplifting because my team and I were part of the TAEA conference in Dallas this past year. It’s a huge conference for our field and to be invited to present was an honor in itself. Make sure to check out the TAEA recap because this experience is one I will always cherish. Plus making memories with my team is super important to me. They truly lift me up.

Of course, November was also the month of the Election and I shared some personal feelings in together we stand. I really focused on being grateful for my freedom and for love. Especially getting the chance to love all those so precious to me in my life. It was a great way to reflect as we headed towards celebrating Thanksgiving.

Which by the way, this year was my first time to host it for my family! Which meant, mom didn’t have to cook and she loved it! The pressure was on, but we had the best time and I shared the details in our Thanksgiving re-cap.

December 2016

December started off with a bang! After all, it was Holiday season! Christmas was coming and I wanted to really embrace the Holidays. So I made a vow to blog for 25 days. It started off pretty well! I shared my art ed classroom gift exchange and I talked about how to host an epic exchange if you ever wanted too!

We took Ella to go see the Nutcracker which was also my first time! And of course, we ended up exploring Ft. Worth a little bit! Check out the re-cap! We hit up Ol’South Pancake house and Sundance Square!

I also shared my famous and super secret (well not anymore) lemon bar recipe, our favorite Christmas movies to binge watch and then… things got quiet around here.

It was at the end of the Fall semester and I had a small dark cloud hang over me . I was stressed with finals and trying to make more time for my family that I decided to just be #perfectlyinthismoment with them. So I took a little, but much needed break from technology, and just lived. That’s not to say I didn’t miss my blog or my social media outlets, but I just really wanted to be in those moments, fully present. It was honestly the perfect way to end 2016. So here’s the final recap of what I did those last few weeks before we hit 2017!

We took Ella to her first Stars game and she loved it! She was cheering them on like a little pro! It was awesome that we won too!

We also spent an entire night cruising around Dallas doing the ultimate light tour and Christmas tree perusing. We stopped by the Farmers Branch Light Tour, and then we visited Bishops Arts for their famous Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals Sign at Enos and then we got to see the Christmas tree at Kylde warren park!

If that wasn’t enough adventure, we also took Ella ice skating for the first time! Thank GOD for amazing friends, because our dear friend Alicia took her out onto the ice because heaven knows I wasn’t going out there! Yes, I’m too scared! HAHA!

During the holidays we also got to spend a lot of time with my nieces and we got to visit Six Flags over Texas for their annual Holiday in the Park. So beautiful, not to mention all the adrenaline rush from the rides!

Christmas was celebrated with loved ones. Memories were made and shared and love was everywhere. I had the BEST holiday season that I’ve ever had in my life. Maybe it comes with getting older and truly cherishing the things that are important in life. It’s about collecting moments rather than things.

I hope you all had an amazing 2016 and I know with all my heart you will have an amazing 2017! Thank you for being a part of my journey! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds!

Hugs! Until next time.





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